Nature of RTI Request:

Certified copy of the list of the 706 accounts for which Pakistan has requested Facebook to provide data, and the corresponding reasons / indicators which were used to identify these particular accounts for data requests – as has been revealed in Facebook’s 2016 bi-annual Global Government Requests Report for the second half of 2015. Reference:


Date of Post’s Dispatch:



Bank through which RTI Challan was submitted / Bank’s Branch:

National Bank of Pakistan / F-8 Markaz, Islamabad


Location of Pakistan Post’s office through which registered RTI post was dispatched:

F8, Islamabad


Expected date of receipt of RTI post at relevant body’s office:



Number of working days required to process RTI Request (according to relevant legislation):



Date at which response is expected from the public body:



Current status:

Waiting / Still time till response deadline

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