Nature of RTI Request:

Certified copies of document(s) detailing the Rules of Procedure for the storage, maintenance, transfer, temporary removal, and permanent removal of surveillance records from the PSCP servers


Date of Post’s Dispatch:



Bank through which RTI Challan was submitted / Bank’s Branch:

Filing Bank Challan is not applicable in the case of Punjab RTI Act 2013 / Not Applicable


Location of Pakistan Post’s office through which registered RTI post was dispatched:

F10, Islamabad


Expected date of receipt of RTI post at relevant body’s office:



Number of working days required to process RTI Request (according to relevant legislation):



Date at which response is expected from the public body:



Current status:

October 24, 2016: Deadline Passed and no response received from the Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA). November 18, 2016: Complaint filed with the Punjab Information Commission on PSCA’s non-responsiveness. December 18, 2016: No response received from the Punjab Information Commission as of date. December 19, 2016: Response received from PSCA, stating that Punjab Information Commission instructed PSCA on December 5, 2016 to ‘provide the information requested’. PSCA denies the receipt of the RTI requests, and registers that the ‘requested information is so detailed that the PSCA has got serious doubts about the bona-fideintention of the applicant’. The response further mentions that Pre-Qualification Documents for the Punjab Police Integration Command Control and Communication (PPIC3) are available on PSCA’s website, though owing to the tendering process, documents related to PSCA Lahore cannot be made public. Further to this, PSCA cites ‘security of public’ and sensitivity of information on why the information may not be made public under Section 13 of ‘The Punjab Transparency and Right to Information Act’. December 23, 2016: Follow-up letter filed with the Punjab Information Commission against PSCA for non-provision of information requested. This letter registers concerns regarding PSCA’s response letter where it mentions doubts on applicant’s intentions. January 9, 2017: Hearing Notice dated December 29, 2016 received on January 9, 2017 from the Punjab Information Commission for hearing on January 10, 2017. January 23, 2017: Copies of following documents, in view of Punjab Information Commission’s recommendations, were received from PSCA, i) PSCA Electronic Data Regulations 2016 ii) Budget for PSCA iii) Budget for PPIC3 iv) PSCA Service Regulations 2015.

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