Long Distance International (LDI) service license, for which Special Communications Organization had approached PTA in 2016


List of social media accounts, blogs, and websites which have been shut down. List of administers of these platforms who have been legally prosecuted


List of websites blocked(1)


List of websites provided to ISPs for blocking on domain level


List of websites blocked(2)


List of blocking / filtering complaints and recommendations received at PTA’s toll free number


Correspondence of PTA with PTCL and TWA for blocking of X-rated websites


Social media accounts blocked by Pakistan’ security agency


List of social media accounts which were allegedly involved in terrorist facilitation but operated / camouflaged as ordinary accounts


List of websites blocked in response to individual complaints and on an order of the Supreme Court


List of Twitter accounts for which PTA requested removal of tweets


List of accounts for which PTA made information requests to Twitter


List of URLs recommended by IMCEW for blocking


Procedure to request the unblocking of websites


Banning criteria for specific websites


List of URLs recommended by ISI for blocking and ISIs mandate


List of URLs directed to be banned by the Supreme Court of Pakistan


List of ISPs whose licenses have been suspended for non-compliance


Agreement pursued between PTA and Inbox Technologies


List of proscribed individuals and organizations digitally blocked by PTA between 2001 and 2016